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Meet More of Our Global Family

HELPS is a family affair. We build relationships that last for years to come. Each nation, each culture has it's own unique beauty and style. So as we travel to new places we do our best to be understanding and relevant, finding what is the need to touch people with Love and make a difference. 

Romania christmas 2020.jpg

HELPS in Zimbabwe has been a long time goal. This year we have supplied food and materials for building a school for Orphans.  This is no small task to join our faith and love to our friends in this area. 

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APAM (A Pack A Month)

APAM with a Christmas outreach for the poor and the girls in her program. Along with the 400 packages of Pads, Jackie, founder of APAM provides a bag of staples for the girls in the slum area to have food during the school holidays. Priceless Project is her passion teaching young girls self - Worth and so much more.

Jamaica pre K mage 2021-07-07 at 4.03_edited.jpg

The COVID wave is subsiding, but the rains have come with a vengeance and flooding homes all through the city. Sam and Beaulah’s home is leaking and the grounds around the house are flooded. They are bailing out water off their floors and have no electricity unable to use their kitchen for cooking   Each Christmas they reach out to those around them, widows, orphans and Pastors families that live in very poor conditions. 


Covid hit hard this fall, the hospitals overwhelmed, people standing through the night on sidewalks outside trying to get care or medicines. Staying hard at work serving people, our Romanian friends will not let the children go with out. Christmas is coming we ask that you would allow us to once again supply food (potatoes, carrots, onions and firewood) for the state orphanage. Along with gifts of food and items for the poor in this community.

Zimbabwe food distribution 2021-11-03 at 1.10.45 AM.jpeg
College Funding

This picture is worth a thousand words. Graduation Day after so many delays finally came, with great marks and high hopes she did it! Together we made it happen, HELPS partners giving and youth winning. We have two young men still in college and 5 high schoolers up and coming. To date we have served more than 15 students in college in 5 countries.

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Preschool and so much more

Those in Claremont, and Montego Bay, Jamaica, are so thankful for the help they received this past year. Our continued help is greatly appreciated as Covid has really hurt their people, food baskets and utilities paid are just a few things we could do to help with their hurting economy. Distant learning became a great challenge and some students were given smartphones and tablets in order to do their school lessons. 

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