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The Call to Lima, Peru

In 2008 Chuck woke up to hear the words ringing in his ears "Lima, Peru."  He came out of the room saying "I think we are
to go to Peru." We found ourselves landing in Lima in May of 2009.


Since then...


  • We have dedicated a church in Lima. 

  • Provided a wheelchair through collaborating with "Wheels for the World" to a child paralyzed from the waist down. 

  • Provided help for some of the cost for surgery for that same child, who at last report is moving her feet!  We also
    purchased a keyboard to aid in physical therapy and hope.

  • Provided funds for medical outreaches in the jungle. 

  • Loved and served the people.


But Primarily we have taught leadership for the last 14 years. 


Our first meeting was in Tarma, in the city hall, where we received an award from the Mayor himself, at the conclusion of the conference. Receiving a Key to the City! Our second year was held in the hospital with 110 doctors, nurses, and local businessmen and women. For the next 2 years, we targeted the school district of Junín and focused on leadership in education. The following year we held a leadership conference in Lima and Tarma, where we targeted church leadership
and local businessmen. We desire to train men and women in leadership and life skills. It was a great success.


We continue to work in Peru and have received great reports of success in businesses and lives from those who have participated. HELPS is changing lives by training and providing leadership tools for life. We have seen such growth in
our precious family in Peru, and we know great things are ahead. 

Opportunities Abound

Visiting in Pisco we honored to sing to children attending a vacation bible school! A little Spanish goes a long way in song.

Education Seminar

Teachers and professors hearing about leadership in education. Some for the very first time. These strong men shared their life stories and brought one man to tears of joy in hearing the good practical information, but also saddened, that at his age, he had never heard it before

The Loss of a Friend

With the economy crushed and Covid rampant, our dear Pastor Omar, a son in the faith, died this year. The picture shows Omar, who sang like an angel, leading us in song. We will continue to support our dear Peruvian family with all our hearts.

Desperate Times

Pastor Omar's brother, Jacobo, has stepped up to fill the loss, with a heart of gold; he is always thinking of others. Jacobo has been working hard to get food and medicines including oxygen to people who can't get into hospitals. Pictured to the right is a scene outside a hospital.

Peru hospital line.jpg
Together for Leadership Training

We love the people of Peru! Their genuine love and care is amazing to be apart of in these meetings. It is such a joy to serve here. 

Having Fun

Pictured to the right is Secretary of HELPS, Joel Gonzalez, having fun teaching leadership principals to Peruvian Pastors and leaders.

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